How do I deposit?
  • If your assets are on Ethereum L1, make sure to bridge them over to Arbitrum (an Ethereum L2)
  • Click on any of the "Connect Wallet" buttons on the Lemma website
  • After connecting to your wallet, click on "Change Network" and confirm the switch
  • Enter an amount of ETH or USDC you would like to deposit
    • Keep in mind that if you deposit ETH you will lose all price exposure to it (ie. you are essentially selling your ETH for USD)
    • Depositing ETH is cheaper than depositing USDC
  • If your wallet has been whitelisted & you are not a resident of a "Prohibited Jurisdiction" then you will be see "View terms & enable deposits"
  • Click on the "View terms & enable deposits" button & read the ToS and the Risk page
  • Click on "Deposit", confirm the transaction on your wallet and you'll be good to go!
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